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The Ontario Film Review Board's new Film Classification Act (2005)

Student Film Competition - Call for Entries
"Film Classification Contest - Class Acts Wanted!"
Win $10,000 to produce an ad promoting the film classification system.
Mocking the OFRB or its classification system is not allowed.
Open to film students at Ontario colleges and universities
(but not the Anarchist Free University, Toronto).
No Entry Fee


Student Film Competition - The Winners
Top 3-5 film-making student teams receive awards
for promoting Ontario's film classification system.


Graeme Brown & Jonathan Hodgson, Ryerson University

Paul Vilchur & Steve Harris, Humber College

Tracey Ma, Queen’s University

Mark Masoumi, Kenneth Molen & Lindsay Braunsar, Humber College

Enrico Ferri, Dylin North & Stephen La Porta,
Ontario College of Art and Design


Dan Cantelon, Allison Davey & Daniel Libby,
Ontario College of Art and Design

Ronald Chong, Vivianna Ferrer, Frederick Nduna & Markos Teshome,
Ontario College of Art and Design

Andrew Cividino, Crystal Serblan & Geoff Smart, Ryerson University


Ontario film students produce award-winning public service announcements.
Short Films Will Help Ontario Families Make Informed Movie Choices.

Award winning public service announcements produced by Ontario film students are set to be screened in Ontario movie theatres to help increase awareness of the province’s film classification system, Minister of Government Services Gerry Phillips announced today.
“These public service announcements will help movie-goers in Ontario, particularly families, make informed decisions about the films they go to see,” said Phillips, who presented recognition awards to the winning students after the screening of their films.

The PSAs are the products of a competition launched earlier this year by the Ontario Film Review Board (OFRB), the government agency responsible for the classification of all movies played in Ontario theatres.  Students who entered the competition had to submit storyboard entries or similar visual presentations of their 60-second PSAs to the OFRB. Five finalists were selected to work with a mentor from the film or advertising industry to produce their film. Each finalist also received $7,500 to cover production costs.
Thirty-one submissions were received from film students who participated in this province-wide competition. The winners were chosen by a panel of judges from the film-making industry and the OFRB.

“I’m delighted to promote our film classification system in such a creative way, while providing Ontario students the chance to showcase their work,” said OFRB Chair Janet Robinson. “I’m particularly proud of the film students who produced these ads,” said Phillips. “The quality of their work is a tribute to their talent and skills in the art of moviemaking and the excellence of film schools and programs throughout the province.”

Winning PSAs and runners-up can be viewed on the the OFRB website at

Contacts: Paul de Zara, Minister’s Office 416-327-3072, or
Ciaran Ganley, Communications Branch 416-416-325-8659


"Class Acts Wanted" OFRB student film competition 2007
The Ontario Film Review Board (OFRB) is giving student filmmakers a
chance to showcase their talents on movie theatre screens throughout
the province in a unique competition, offering up to $7,500. Students
in film, television and animation programs at Ontario colleges and
universities are invited to produce a brief public service
announcement (PSA) explaining the provincial film classification
system, particularly the PG or Parental Guidance rating.
The proposed PSA should be no more than 60 seconds long.
The content should be suitable for all audiences - in other words, rated G.
The PSA must display and promote awareness of all Ontario film classifications
- G, PG, 14A, 18A, R - with particular emphasis on the meaning of the
PG rating.
The PSA should include the following: ?Read movie ads or posters
carefully for detailed individualratings.? And ?Visit the Ontario Film
Review Board?s website for more information ?
Students should submit a pitch of no more than 300 words, describing
the overall approach to the project.The pitch should be accompanied by
a storyboard for the PSA or some other form of visual presentation.
The style of your film is open - any genre can be used. But keep in
mind that while comedy is great, you should not mock the film
classification system or the Ontario Film Review Board.
For more information contact the Ontario Film Review Board at (416)
314-3626 , visit or send an e-mail to