Super 8 Filmmaker John Porter, Toronto, Canada



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John's super 8 film (photos below)

- In the Gutter -

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In the Gutter (John Porter, 2000, super 8, colour, 3.5 minutes, wild sound)

A Camera Dance creating travelling views of Toronto streets from face-down in the gutter.
Edited in-camera, shot at 9fps, using a home-made, water-proof, camera case on a pole.

"My goodness but this fun film is the work of a pro! Also, from my transportation-obsessed POV, I recognize the eye of a fellow street analyst, one who knows that the politics of space on the road are connected to equity and social justice. At the beginning we are introduced to a character who seems to live on the street. Our eye becomes his eye as he travels along, at some speed!, in the gutter. We see car wheels passing us at alarming proximity as we beetle along next to the curb, which seems very tall.
John Porter's In the Gutter is fast and funny. It is a new angle on the street that, while a little scary, makes the audience laugh." (Sally McKay, Lola No. 7, Fall 2000, Toronto)


In the Gutter 2003 (2003, super 8, black & white, 3.5 minutes, wild sound)
A new version of In the Gutter (2000), this one in black & white, and in the snow.
Commissioned by the University of Toronto Film & Video Festival for it's annual Super 8 Circus programme with live, improvised music.


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